Health Insurance Plans

Health insurance policies are necessary to shield your family and yourself from unanticipated medical costs. A comprehensive insurance coverage guarantees financial stability during medical emergencies, especially in light of the escalating costs of healthcare.

A variety of insurance policies are available from GITEJA Life, offering customers comprehensive health coverage and perks.

A Wide Network of More Than 10000 Hospitals

10,000+ network hospital in India

Covers 18 Types of Heart DiseasesCovers 18 types of heart diseases

Cover of Rs 10 Lakhs

Cover of Rs.10 lakh for  5/Day1

No Medicals Required

No Medicals Required

What Is Health Insurance ?

Health insurance is a form of coverage that covers an insured individual’s medical and surgical costs. It offers protection from high-priced medical treatments, hospital stays, and other healthcare costs. A contract that an insurance company and a policyholder enter into whereby the former agrees to cover the policyholder’s medical bills in exchange for a predetermined premium paid by the policyholder is known as an insurance policy.

Plans for health insurance usually cover a broad range of services, such as hospital stays, physician visits, diagnostic testing, prescription drugs, and surgical procedures. Policyholders can benefit from insurance coverage and obtain necessary medical care without worrying about the cost by paying regular premiums.

There are two ways in which an insurance company can compensate a policyholder:

  • The policyholder does not have to pay the network hospital anything as part of the cashless treatment because the insurance company pays the hospital directly.
  • The second choice is compensation. In this instance, the policyholder is responsible for paying the treatment’s medical costs up front; the insurance company will reimburse them afterwards.

Health Insurance in a Snapshot

What Are the Types of Health Insurance Plans?

The market offers a wide range of health insurance plan options. To meet a range of healthcare demands, GINTEJA Life provides the following health insurance plans:

Individual Health Insurance

A policyholder’s personal medical costs are covered by this plan. It provides individualized coverage for hospital stays, out-of-hospital costs, daycare services, and additional medical costs.

Family Health Insurance

Family health insurance plans offer a single policy and an amount insured that covers every member of the family. It pays for the insured person’s medical costs as well as those of their dependent parents, spouse, and kids.

Senior Citizen Health Insurance

This plan is exclusively intended for people who are older. It covers ailments associated with aging as well as additional medical costs that senior individuals may have.

Critical Illness Insurance

Life-threatening conditions include cancer, major organ failure, heart disease, stroke, blindness, etc. are covered by critical illness insurance plans. Upon diagnosis, these policies provide a lump sum payment to the policyholder, which they can spend for other essentials like medical care and rehabilitation.

Which health insurance does GINTEJA Life provide?​

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