Can I buy a car insurance before buying a car?

Can I buy a car insurance before buying a car? ​

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A Four-wheeler insurance policy has been made mandatory for every car owner under the Indian motor vehicle. It is safe to say that without valid car insurance, one may have to pay very heavy penalties mainly for not abiding by the traffic rules. In addition, when there is no car insurance involved, the owner may not be able to make any claims for the damage caused to the car because of an unforeseen event. In this case, one will be forced to incur all the expenses from their pocket. This sudden liability can be looked after by having proper car insurance in place. Car insurance will act as a financial shield against these kinds of sudden financial liabilities. Thus, it is extremely important to have car insurance before starting to drive a vehicle on Indian roads. 

Buying Car Insurance  

It is, as already highlighted, important and mandatory for car owners to get a good car insurance in order to be able to ride their vehicle on Indian roads. It is important to provide certain details with respect to the car for getting an insurance policy for your car. It is important to highlight that purchasing a car insurance does not always necessitate the availability of a car number. It is possible to select the plan that best suits the needs of the car owner and get the plan online. 

Getting Car Insurance Before A Car 

It is not necessary for an individual to have car insurance while looking out for a car. But it is often suggested to have all the documents for car insurance already in place when buying a car. The kind of coverage and the premiums are directly influenced by factors like variant, location, car model and so on.  

The most common types of car insurance are third-party insurance and comprehensive car insurance which is provided by insurance companies. This is mainly why it is suggested to have a car insurance policy as it would provide effective protection to the car against any damages caused on the road and also to use the vehicle freely on Indian roads.  

How To Get Car Insurance Before Getting A Car? 

Car insurance is as important as getting a car and it is for this reason that one must closely look at all the available policies in the market. It is now possible to compare different types of policies just like cars in order to get the best policy for your four-wheeler. This only requires you to have a phone or a laptop along with a good internet connection. The following steps show how car insurance can be bought: 

  • Visit the official website of Ginteja through the web page.  
  • From the section of ‘Car Insurance,’ you can see all the available insurance policies.  
  • You could also contact the agents waiting to help you by calling the toll-free number 08069057777. 
  • On the given page you could choose between two options ‘Brand New Car’ or ‘Proceed without the car number’. 
  • After having selected the policy that best suits you, you can then go on to fill in all the necessary details.  

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