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What is car insurance?

When your vehicle is destroyed in an accident or other natural disaster, having vehicle insurance, sometimes referred to as auto insurance, helps you save money. It also protects your car from burglary and theft. Sometimes an accident may result in you injuring other people or causing damage to property. Such third-party obligations are also covered by an auto insurance policy. In India, you are required to carry third-party auto insurance if you own a vehicle. For this reason, it’s essential to purchase and renew your policy in a timely manner in order to avoid legal issues and to have coverage for auto damage. Our dependable auto insurance policy shields you against all these dangers at a reasonable cost, allowing you to drive worry-free. In addition to full coverage, policies for own-damage and third-party only are also offered. Depending on your demands, you can select the type of policy.

Get Paid While Driving

With the Pay As You Drive add-on, your auto insurance rates will be reduced.

The basic tenet of pay-as-you-drive insurance is that if you drive less, your insurance premium should be lower. You have a low accident risk because you don’t drive frequently, and your insurance cost should reflect this.

Plans with 5000 and 7500 km/year are available, depending on your driving requirements. You can add more kilometers to your insurance coverage for that specific policy year if you drive more than the amount specified in your plan.

These recently released add-ons are intended to provide you greater control over your vehicle insurance expenses, in contrast to other car insurance policies available on the market.

Because traditional auto insurance rates are determined by the vehicle’s age, make, and model rather than by usage, the majority of car owners who choose to purchase a Pay as you drive policy did so at a lower cost.

We also learned from our experience with the Pay as you drive policy under the 2020 Sandbox law that 56% of clients preferred Pay as you drive over traditional insurance because of its affordability and usage-based pricing. In contrast, the telematics benefits of this coverage attracted 22% of buyers.

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