Can I transfer bike insurance without transferring RC?

Can I transfer bike insurance without transferring RC?

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It is possible to transfer a bike registration certificate, or RC, in the same state as well as to other Indian states. The transmission of the RC bike is divided into two parts. The first involves a change in ownership, while the second entails a change in the Regional Transport Office (RTO) engaged. Buying a used or pre-owned car requires a lot of thought, planning and effort. You must look into the fact that the vehicle is thoroughly researched in aspects of cost, brand and selection of the model. Another important step in buying a used car or motorcycle is making sure all paperwork is done and is in complete order, including changing the vehicle insurance (for the car or the bike) to your name. 

How Can The Ownership Of A Bike Be Transferred?  

It is extremely easy and simple to transfer the ownership of a bike from one person to the other. The following points will help in understanding the way in which bike ownership can be transferred. 

  • Before getting a bike second-hand, it is better to ensure that the vendor provides all the paperwork that may be deemed necessary. This would include a registration certificate, sales receipt, pollution certificate, insurance policy, road tax certificate and the signed forms numbered 28, 29 and 30.  
  • If an already used bike is sold to another person, the seller is supposed to submit the ownership transfer form to the RTO where the vehicle was originally registered, completed with all the details and signed by both the buyer and seller.  
  • The owner’s legal successor should begin the transfer process in case the previous owner is no longer alive. 
  • The transfer would take place after all the legal documents have been submitted to the RTO and the payments for the bike transfer have also been done within the given time frame.  
  • Once the RTO has successfully verified everything, the bike will be passed over from the seller to the buyer. 

Documents Needed For Transferring  

It is the legal successor who gets the bike’s ownership in case the real owner dies. There are however some documents that need to be submitted in order to transfer the ownership of a bike. These documents are as follows: 

  • Bike owner’s death certificate 
  • Completed forms numbered 30 and 31 by the transferee  
  • Authorization of succession 
  • No objection notification 
  • Self-attested bike insurance policy copy  
  • Transferee form 60 duplicate  
  • Pan card 
  • Seller’s identification signature 
  • Verification of vehicles as per Form number 20 

Fees for Bike Transfer 

The fees related to transferring ownership with respect to the bike are very less and it generally has no financial consequence. Below mentioned are the costs of transferring bike ownership. 

RTO Fees 

A nominal transfer fee of ₹30/- or ₹35/- is applied as part of the Regional Transport Office charge based on the state in which the bike transfer takes place. 

Charges for Smart Card 

RTOs provide smart cards as a registration certificates to all vehicles throughout the nation. This card costs around ₹200/-. 

Total Expenses  

The complete sum of money that is required to be paid for the transfer of ownership within the neighborhood amounts to ₹230/- or ₹235/-.  

Transferring Bike’s certificate  

It is important to notify the insurance company about the transfer of ownership with regards to the bike within a time span of 2 weeks of transferring the bike’s ownership.  

The insurance company must then be presented with a number of documents, as mentioned above, along with the original document of the insurance policy, address and identity proof of the new owner, new registration certificate and the receipt of purchase. 

After having received all the documents, the insurance company will update the insurance certificate and a new policy will be presented.  

The regional transport office must be notified once the insurance policy is altered.  

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